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FIC exhibition live | 111th Anniversary H&K Flavor FIC 2023


15th March,FIC 2023 In Shanghai National Exhibition Center,The passionate red of 2023 fashion and eye-catching 111th anniversary theme wall, makes H&K Flavor stands in position C during the exhibition, attracts lots of professional audiences gathering here, enjoy great popularity!

111th anniversary Time and Space memory exhibition, beautiful historical exhibits and reminiscences share a good history time with the live audiences.

1912-2023, H&K Flavor originated from “Peacock” brand, as a classical heritage, hope to reflect on history and create the future together with our customers.

Science And Technology Leading - Ten Themes Shows

The ten theme exhibition areas haveattracted the attention audiences. This area presents the brand new solutionsof H&K Flavor in the parts of natural enzymatic hydrolysis, natural plantextraction, Popping bobas, coffee modules and cost reduction programs, etc. H&KFlavor continues to increase investment in research and development, guided byadvanced technology and customer demand. Explorethe important results in the field of innovation, the site has been fullyrecognized and praised by customers live.

Innovation And Development - New Business Field Display

Flavor shows new business field innovative solutions, new upgraded Popping bobas, 8 different innovative flavors, 8 colorful taste experience; From natural enzymatic hydrolysis products to 0 sucrose syrup, to provide customers with innovative integrated solutions in bakery industry; Four flavored teas, with different flower and fruit flavors.

Savoury Tasting - Salty and sweet interactive experience

Salty and sweet interactive experience area bring a pleasant experience to the live audiences, newfashioned tea drink, milk tea drink and coffee are offered to taste live, the flavor and texture are well accepted, also with delicate and sweet baked pastries.

Leaderships support - coagulating heart together to create "taste" future

Xia Liqun, Chairman ofHuabao Shares and President of Huabao Shares,Yuan Xiaoqin with leadership team visited H&K Flavor booth for guidance.

Li Xiaojun, Vice president of Huabao Shares, and Li Jipeng, general manager of H&K Flavor, communicated with customers live.

Inheriting century-old classics, innovation leads the future. H&K Flavor hopes to continue to lead the rapid development of the industry by constantly improving its strength and influence, and provide customers with more quality products and services.

Welcome to visit H&K Flavor in Shanghai of China.