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Flavor Code Of Citrus Family


1. Secret of citrus flavor

For many years, citrus fruit flavors have been universallyloved all around the world. Scientists have found that citrus is the mostactive of all fruits in the human brain

Why is this so?

The citrus aroma contains a variety of substances, some ofwhich can stimulate the activity of specific areas of the brain and make peoplefeel happy and relaxed. And, it's one of the few substances in nature thatworks both ways: if you're tense, it relaxes you, and if you're tired, itrevitalizes you.

Therefore, citrus flavors used in food and beverage is morethan just a fruity flavor to the formula, but also creates a fresh and shinycomfort

Almost no one can resist such a comfortable, relaxing,breezy, fresh and delicious scent

2. The complex and vast family of citrus

Citrus is the general term for tangerine, orange, kumquat,pomelo, orange, etc. Due to its special structure, the combination of any twospecies in the family may produce new citrus varieties, some of which areobtained through artificial grafting. The evolution history of it should bevery interesting.

Oranges continue to top the list of citrus flavors globally,followed by lemons. Simple, classic flavors such as mandarin and grapefruitalso continue to gain popularity, and there is growing consumer interest inexotic citrus fruits such as calamansi and yuzu.

3. Characteristics of citrus fruits:

a. The shape of the peel is close to a circular curve;

b. There are fruit pieces inside, and the fruit pieces arefull of juice;

c. Similar citrus flavor.

4. HUABAO hot citrus flavors

The smell of citrus is similar, because there are more than20 kinds of chemical components in their smell are the same, and each scent hasa slight change. The combination deduces different special aromas.


A hybrid of lemon and kumquat, it is rich in natural fruitacid and vitamin C. It is a fruit produced in the Pacific island countries ofSoutheast Asia. It has a diameter of 2-3cm, green skin and golden flesh. It iswidely used in cooking and drinking in the local area. Other regions are stillniche fruits.


Lemons were first discovered in North India, and later spreadto South Italy and flourished there, becoming an indispensable elementalingredient in Italian meals. The citric acid content is high, and the aroma andacidity give people a sense of freshness, with a small and fresh style.


Kumquats are native to southern China, and are now spread allover the world. Kumquats are beautiful in shape and fresh in color, with tenderand crisp skins. When the skins are bitten, the oil sprayed out is fresh andexciting. Initial taste is slightly astringent, and then there will be a slightsweetness and refreshing aroma


The aroma is clear, sweet and sour, tender and juicy, freshand refreshing, with a slight aroma and slightly sour taste


One of the four famous fruits in the world. It is brightlycolored, sweet and sour, with a fresh and natural flavor. It reminds people ofthe image of oranges bathed in the sun all day long that brings good mood.

4. Huabao Selects

Calamansi lactic acid sparkling water

Calamansi flavor

Lactic Acid flavor

The delicate and slightly sour and unique sweet aroma offresh calamansi, combined with the sweet and sour milky monthfeel of lacticacid, meets refreshing sparkling water, take a sip, sweet but not greasy, sourbut not astringent.

Rose & Lemon Sparkling Water

Lemon flavor

Rose flavor

Mild and romantic rose aroma, fresh and pleasant citric flavor,with lovely bubbles tapping on the tip of the tongue, natural with beautyeffects, quite eye-catching among female customers.

Kumquat & Passion Fruit Green Tea

Kumquat Flavor

Passion Fruit Flavor

The sweet and sour mix of kumquat and passion fruit creates agenuinely fresh fruity aroma, blended in selected green tea base, refreshing andthirst-quenching

Orange Beer Carbonated Drink

Emulsified Orange Flavor

Beer hops flavor

HUABAO best-ever emulsified orange upgraded flavor, combiningthe clear beer flavor, the sweet and fruity aroma you can taste, the refreshingbubbles you can touch, quenching your thirst and refreshing, follows the trendof non-alcoholic and low-alcohol times.

Sea Salt & Grapefruit Soda Water

Grapefruit flavor

Lemon flavor

The sweet and sour taste of sea salt and grapefruit is just likethe sea breeze in the summer evening, which instantly refreshes your lips andteeth, meanwhile still clear and bright.


Quality citrus flavors bring fresh, pleasant, sweet, sourtaste and aroma to food and beverages, and the taste can also neutralize theundesirable taste of some functional ingredients. Huabao R&D centers inChina and Singapore have senior flavorists who have loved and studied citrus fordecades, and applied citrus in quite a few popular beverage and food. If youare interested in this, please contact us for further citrus flavor solutions.